Before 2007 Originally, the name "Miarchy" was originally slated for another comic project that we were going to do. However, while at least 30 comics were written for that (and 1 actually finished), that never took off and we then started to consider using the name for another comic series that involved the use of Rachael's characters from DA. This was the start.


Miarchy (or, to give its proper name, The Miarchy Project), began in 2007 with a DA account and a lot of patience in MS Paint. The first comic (New TV) was launched on the 18th of November 2007 and its from there that we started to evolve the world of Cyrus and, really, where we began to build Miarchy as a webcomic.

2009 - 2011

From Feburary 2009, Miarchy began to have its own website (even though we have had other sites for this) and now, along with the DA followers, we now have a good following and we hope that you'll stick around with the Miarchy Project! We also appear on the following webcomic lists:

2011 - 2014

After 130 comics, we decided to evolve the comic and eventually end up with the full manga style page format that we currently use. They are the main storyline (and thus, canon) whilst the comics inbetween each manga page are designed to provide more background information to the world of Cyrus. Sadly, problems with developing the comic's quite unique, all-custom artwork coupled with a lack of time meant the project stalled. Eventually, it was decided to stop the now "Genesis" storyline and Rachael left the project.

2014 -

The "Horizons" storyline will start this year and hopefully update on a far more regular basis with Michael having taken over the artwork and storywriting of the project.