Will (first appearence: Comic 1)

Will is a colourful and normally cheery chap who often delights in destroying something (ususally with fire). Although intelligent, he seems to rarely put this to any sort of good use and often makes some stupid mistakes. Luck, it would seem, strikes a lot on him as one of his seemingly mad destructions ended up with him getting a job as a researcher at the Univerisity of Crystal Cascades. He is currently engaged to Scarlet.

Scarlet (first appearence: Comic 1)

Scarlet is Will's "yang" to his "yin". She is a much more balanced character who would rather talk things through before setting off on some very probably fire inducing quest. She does have a, currently restrained, addiction to spending, resulting in a big TV which she owns. Although a talented artist, she has terrible luck with jobs. She also, much to Will's chargin, owns a pet Vuelvix called Suta. Good friends with Juniper.

Juniper (first appearence: Comic 7)

Juniper is a good friend with Scarlet... and more as a victim of Will's madness. Working in a flower shop, she would rather prefer nature over techonology. She has known Will most of her life as they went to school together and although she is prone to the odd furball or two, she often talks wit more clarity of thought than either Scarler or Will. Although not much is known about her, she's avoided having any sort of relationship... and with good reason.