The Writer

Name: Michael
Age: 21

Hi people! I am the writer and all-round "tech" guy in the Miarchy Project. I keep all the websites alive and kicking (so don't kick them back, they'll bite) and every-so-often I'll produce the comic for Scarlet if she needs time off, although I was banned from doing that... by the characters. ^^; I am a photographer and programmer in my spare time, but I question why the apples are planning a revolt.

The Artist

Name: Rachael
Age: 21

0o0; Gordon Bennett, this like applying for a blooming Job Interview! Howdy Folks! My name's Rachael, or, better known on DeviantArt as Scarlet-Vixen. :) Basically this is a lil' ditty thing all about me and what I do for “The Miarchy Project” (lol, sounds like a University Assignment XD) Not only do I have the honour of illustrating the Comic, but I also invented and developed it's Main Characters through my screen name on DeviantArt, where (I hope 8S) they have captivated and inspired a number of the Comic's subscribers. <) Over the past “year-and-a-bit” I've been called to Illustrating this Webcomic on a weekly basis.