#160 - The early years: Amy and Will

New Horizons

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while and I guess we owe you an apology on that front. Things here have been quite stiff recently and on Monday, we came to a conclusion.

Sadly, Rachael is leaving the Miarchy Project, leaving me to run it (don't worry, we are still husband and wife! ;) )

Obviously, that is going to cause a major issue in terms or artwork. I am not a skilled artist and doing a webcomic is going to be tough in the short term. Worse still, Rachael's style of art is difficult to reproduce so expect a big visual change. The reason for her leaving the project is that doing artwork like this (fully custom, there is very little premade stock) takes a lot of effort and it has burned her out.

The other, more dramatic, result of the split is that Scarlet, Juniper, Will and all other associated characters will no longer feature in the comic (with the possible exception of one or two cameos).

Effectively, Miarchy will have to start anew but the world will remain the same so at least there is some continuity. However, since there now is only one person running the show, it might run more smoothly now.

XF will get a volume 2 (I know I said this at the start of the year) and then XF is probably not going to receive any updates for a while.

To help differentiate between the "old" main storyline and the new main storyline (and help being XF into the main site), there will be some changes to the site.

The "old" storyline will be known as The Miarchy Project : Genesis. XF will continue to be called XF and the new storyline will be called The Miarchy Project : Horizons. The archive listings will be changed to reflect this but the whole comic will still be called The Miarchy Project.

I aim to start work in September to a regular schedule of one a month, possibly twice a month if possible. I know it is going to be an uncomfortable shift but to keep Miarchy going, this is the only way.

Seeya all on the net!

Posted on: 2014-07-17